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Laser Carbon Facial


It is a non-invasive procedure and is sometimes called the charcoal facial or charcoal peel.The benefits of the treatment are said to include:
*Reduces fine lines and wrinkles *Tightens dilated pores *Reduces acne, scars and post acne discoloration*Removes dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer *Stimulates collagen growth *Improves skin texture*Clears pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads *The Treatment
Charcoal Laser™ cream is being applied to the face. The AW3® ND Yag Q Switch Laser shoot at the area causing no pain to the client. A 1320nm wavelength is being used in this treatment.
Skin rejuvenation is the treatment of sun damaged skin. Skin rejuvenation is used to boost the complexion, even out the skin tone, tighten pores, smooth out the skin texture and give a collagen boost within the skin. Skin rejuvenation is an excellent treatment to reverse the signs of aging.
The Science
The heat from the AW3® light is attracted to the melanin/oxy-haemoglobin in the blood. The heat reaction breaks down the melanin and coagulates the blood within the area. This then leaves the body through the lympathic system leaving the skin with a clearer complexion. The heat that is also created within the epidermis and dermis, making the skin react as if it has had an injury. The blood and collagen rush into this area to repair it leaving the skin with a smoother appearance.

  • How does it work?

    ND Yag Wrinkle therapy is a treatment of the skin to give the maximum collagen boost to push out even the deepest lying wrinkles. This treatment is to be performed using the AW3® ND Yag machines only, together with Charcoal Laser™ Paste to achieve maximum collagen boosting results.

  • Does it hurt?

    The sensation will vary from client to client. The sensation that is felt depends upon the amount of melanin found in the skin. The sensation is described as a heat sensation and a few clients say it is light mild sunburn after the treatment.

  • What to expect?

    Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatments will show mild redness of the skin initially after the treatment. This is a good sign the treatment has worked and sufficient heat has been pushed into the epidermis. Pigmentation treatments will initially turn darker after the treatment and then a crusting may appear on the skin which must shed off naturally up to 10 days after the treatment. The skin will then appear more even in colour and the pigmented lesions would be lighter in colour.

  • How many sessions are needed?

    On average 2-4 treatments at 5-6 week intervals are needed for the best results. Top up treatments may be needed in the future to maintain these results.

  • Which celebrities use them?

    A-listers Kim Kardashian, who is also a fan of the vampire facial, is said to get a carbon laser facial.

    And Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, both exes of Brad Pitt, are reported to have them done.

Hydra Active Facial 

Hydrogen is the smallest element which thanks to its low mass, can penetrate deep into the skin structures - down to cell level. Thanks to this, it destroys free radicals that are harmful to our body and are responsible, among other elements, for the skin's aging process.This treatment is recommended for individuals of all ages, and both for women and men. Hydrogen and oxygen therapy strengthen the capillary walls; therefore, the hydrogen purification treatment can be successfully carried out in people with vascular or sensitive skin, and even with rosacea.
Safe and Effective Skin Cleansing
Hydrogen purification is a non-invasive, painless, and safe procedure. It does not require any preparation, and there is no recovery period. It is a year-round treatment and does not sensitize to the sun's rays.Hydrogen skin cleansing is a multi-stage treatment that allows you to perform comprehensive skin care - from deep cleansing, through neutralization of free radicals and the exfoliation of dead epidermis, to oxygenation and nourishment of the skin and the effect of skin revitalization.
The duration of the procedure is usually 60 minutes, or 90 minutes depending on the number of stages / heads used.
Proposed frequency of the procedure - every 1-2 months.
Results in a Healthy and Radiant Appearance
Active hydrogen is the most powerful known antioxidant. The Hydra Active H2 apparatus successfully uses its biophysical properties. As the smallest and lightest element, it easily penetrates deep into the skin structures, where it is bound with the most harm free oxygen radicals. It effectively neutralizes them, preventing the skin from being harmed in any way. Then, just like water, it is excreted from the body.The strong antioxidant properties of hydrogen ions make it unmatched in the fight against radical skin aging. It almost literally "sweeps" free radicals out of it. In this way, it slows down and even inhibits the aging processes at the cellular level.Hydra Active H2 is undoubtedly the best proposition for people exposed to stress and environmental pollution. It will improve the effective functioning of the skin, slowing down the aging processes. It gives the skin a radiant and healthy appearance. Moreover, active hydrogen has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Indications

    ● Gray tired skin
    ● Skin in need of smoothing, cleansing, and moisturizing
    ● Skin exposed to urban pollution, weather conditions including solar radiation
    ● Oily skin,
    ● Wrinkles,
    ● Loss of skin firmness,
    ● Signs of skin aging
    ● Care treatment for all skin types, especially for contaminated, earthy, dull skin, exposed to the effects of air pollution, as well as staying in closed, air-conditioned rooms for many hours,
    ● Vascular complexion, a tendency to acne lesions and inflammations
    ● Overproduction of sebum,
    ● Enlarged pores and blackheads
    ● Preparation for treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine

  • Treatment Effects

    ● Fresh & Radiant skin,
    ● Exfoliation of dead epidermal cells,
    ● Cleansing of the pores, smoothing of wrinkles, moisturizing the skin,
    ● Slowing down the aging process of the skin,
    ● Improvement of colour, reduction of discoloration,
    ● Oxygenation of the dermis, revitalization,
    ● Stopping the overproduction of sebum, alleviating inflammation.

  • Not suitable if you have any of the following

    ● Active infections at the treatment site, e.g. herpes,
    ● Broken skin in the treatment area,
    ● Epilepsy
    ● Are currently pregnant and/or breastfeeding,
    ● Hearing aid, pacemaker, metal implants
    ● Chronic Diseases (cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.)

Oxybrasion O2 Jet Peel

The Oxybrasion O2 Active Peel is performed under pressure with fragmented compressed oxygen drops of hydrogen and saline. Oxygen helps to regenerate skin by rebuilding collagen fibers and reconstructing blood capillaries, furthermore, oxygen is necessary to obtain energy for the body, while hydrogen & saline both disinfect.Exfoliation of the uppermost layer of dead skin cells with physiological saline and oxygen is the most comon procedure in most salons, however our advanced Oxybrasion O2 Active Peel uses self produced hydrogen which provides maximum smoothness, moisturisation, brightness and oxygenated complexion.After one oxybrasion treatment skin is visibly brightened, refreshed and smooth.The treatment is excellent for the skin’s overall wellness, such as effective elimination of seborrhoea, wrinkles, and discoloration.

  • This treatment is excellent for:

    ● Oxygenation of the skin● Narrowing the pores● Cleaning and disinfecting the skin (peeling shallow and deep)● Supporting treatment of rosacea● Reducing acne scars and blemishes● Shallowing and relaxing scars● Improving skin tone.● Reducing wrinkles

  • How many treatments do I need?

    Treatment sessions are carried out once a week and are likely to last about half an hour each.
    For best results we recommend 6 – 8 sessions. 

  • Indications

    ● Seborrhea● Wrinkles● Skin discoloration● Acne● Photoaging● Dull skin● Sensitive skin● Capillaries skin● Dry skin● Combination skin● Oily skin● Acne vulgaris● Rosacea● Hyperkeratosis

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze

This non-invasive fat reduction treatment achieves visible results by freezing and breaking down fat cells located deep under the skin to reduce the amount of fat volume in the targeted area. This procedure can be used all over the body where excess fat tends to accumulate. It helps shed excess fat, allowing you to contour your body and lose inches fast. This is a safe and effective treatment to achieve defined curves and a streamlined shape. When you decide to use our non-invasive Fat Freeze procedure, you can still go about your day to day immediately after treatment.Yes, this is safe, effective and permanent procedure!
Working Principle of Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze:Using the feature that the triglycerides in fat will turn into solid under specified low temperature, cro body slimming machine transmit low temperature wave that is precisely controlled into appointed de-fatting position through noninvasive emitter. As a result, the targeted fatty cells begin to decompose and disappear naturally, making fat layers reduce little by little in the process of normal metabolism.
What areas Cryolipolysis can treat:


How cryolipolysis treatment freezes fat away?

Coolsculpting is the only FDA-cleared procedure